Audio Visual

At IP Technologies, we make the most sophisticated audio visual equipment easier to operate so you can enjoy the full extent of your new systems capabilities.  Our team is dedicated to providing your company with the greatest customer experience possible. From the solution design and product selection, to the installation and training and after sales support.

With our installation teams in NSW, Victoria, ACT and Queensland we can offer multi site national solution to meet your company brief. We design strategic options to meet your unique needs and deliver the optimal result for your intended purpose.  Our customized end-to-end solutions are robust, scalable and reliable whilst providing a user friendly automated interface.

IP Technologies offers expert guidance and a seamless transitioning experience, to you next custom tailored audio visual upgrade or purchase.




IP Technologies use an open source web conferencing system developed primarily for distance education. In addition to various web conferencing services, we have integrations for various learning and content management systems. Our platforms support multiple audio and video sharing, presentations with extended white board capabilities. - such as a pointer, zooming and drawing – public chat, desktop sharing, integrated VoIP and support for PDF document presentations, as well as Microsoft Office documents.

Users may enter the conference as a viewer or moderator.

As a viewer, you may join the voice conference, share your web cam, raise your hand, and chat with others. As a moderator, you can mute other viewers, eject any user from the session, and make any user the current presenter. The presenter may upload slides and control the presentation.




In today’s world, businesses demand instant, seamless communication between workers and clients, regardless of where they are located or what technology they are using. IP Technologies can integrate, SIP telephony, video, audio conferencing, and AV rooms into a seamless unified communications solution available in offices, conference rooms and on smart devices.

PA, Communications and Evacuation

IP Technologies specialize in Commercial IP Communications Solutions that provide our clients protection from potential threats, emergencies or incidents. Our solutions can offer multiple intercom endpoints, including fire stairs and lift intercom solutions, as well as public address systems that seamlessly interface with third party devices, like access control, CCTV, Telephony and security systems. IP Technologies can provide an IP Communication Solution that has the capability of broadcasting live or pre-recorded verbal announcements and warning alarms or tones, to a single zone, multiple zones or to all PA zones at once.

Management, within a commercial building utilizing our IP Communication Solutions can protect assets and ensure the safety of all individuals within a complex.


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