Cabling & Infrastructure

IP Technologies provide structured cabling services for small to medium business, and large commercial projects where audio visual, security, data and communications services are required.

Structured cabling is the backbone of any technology installed in a project, so it pays to get your advice from one our highly-experienced team of experts, to avoid expensive rework and costly delays.  Through our 10 years of experience, IP Technologies have successfully designed and implemented network infrastructure to many small to medium businesses and a number larger organizations. Our success comes from comprehensively planning your initial infrastructure deployment, around your company’s business plans, goals and aspirations in relation to growth expansion and technology based choices.




Telephony solutions

IP Technologies can supply and install a wide-range of IP fixed phone handsets, soft phones and other collaboration applications for communication, internally, across the globe and with your clients. Your company will require minimal internal IT support to maintain nimble service flexibility, on our easily scalable and upgradeable network.  Enjoy total peace of mind with IP Technologies assured uptime, business continuity solution. Deployed on multiple communication platforms, our business continuity solution provides an intensely robust and redundant service level.

Other features such as, Mobile phone integration, desktop integration, voice-mail to email, click-to-dial, as well as standard Voice and Video calls, can be programed around your individual business requirements. A fully customized, hosted PBX solution gives you access to the latest features and functionality for a fixed monthly fee, eliminating the expensive of repeated back end hardware upgrades.




IP Intercom systems

Functioning on true IP technology, IP Technologies communication solution fully integrates to numerous third party systems including CCTV, building & security management, telephony and access control systems. Find out how our IP audio intercom solutions, together with our integration capabilities, can provide a robust, communications solution for your industry application. Change makers within the security intercom and communications market, IP Technologies intercom solutions will withstand the harshest of environments, while providing high quality audio communication.

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